Norwegia Szwecja Polska Niemcy


Ul. Wojska Polskiego 1
Macierzysz k/Warszawy
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
Tel. (22) 721 14 01, (22) 722 48 65
Faks (22) 721 14 02
E-mail: sales@grot.pl


In order to receive initial first offer feel free to contact us:


We encourage our clients to:


RECEIVE ESTIMATED INITIAL OFFER FOR STAIRCASES OR BALLUSTRADES. Just send us plans and projects, or any size needed, to complete the offer we would also ask of the symbol or name of the product which you can find by each of the photographs on our website. Our architects office will design the product for you and sales department will estimate the costs including delivery and installation. That process might take up to 7 days but in the mean time we are here to answer any query that you have and we are happy to present you with preliminary estimate.


VISIT US IN OUR SHOWROOM. Visit our showroom where you can see some models of stairs and railings as well as photos of specific implementation. It is helpful in choosing the optimal solution to talk with a specialist designer. Our team will select the appropriate designs so that our product will be maximally functional and comfortable for you.


LET US VISIT YOU. Invite us for verification in order to present the offer, preparing a preliminary draft along with the cost estimate will be helpful with choosing the right model and design. We operate throughout the country and beyond its borders. If your region does not have our representative, feel free to contact us directly.


In order to obtain the initial offer for stairs please indicate:

- The number of the photo from our galleries showing the type of staircase you are interested in.

- Expected size of the stairs in plan view (or the diameter of the spiral staircase)

- Level height (measured from the bottom floor to the top floor) and the thickness of the floor

- Details on the implementation for example construction material - carbon steel or stainless steel, the material on steps - metal, wood, stone, glass, type of railing - stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.


Where to find our company Headquarter

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Within Europe


Lejmel Service
4053 Ræge
Tel: +47 95023413


Ripavagen 22
270 31 Asperod
Tel. +46 417 271 04
Tel. kom. +46 768 999 602


Macierzysz k/Warszawy,
ul. Wojska Polskiego 1
05-850 Ożarów Mazowiecki
tel (22) 721-14-01, (22) 722-48-65
faks (22) 721-14-02
E-mail: sales@grot.pl


 Doradca techniczno-handlowy (Berater für Technik und Verkauf)
Tel. +49 304 530 82 86
Tel. +49 160 607 56 94
Tel. +48 504 615 905


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