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About us

GROT is a family-owned company that has been in business since 1957.

Our core business is stairs, balustrades (handrails), steel constructions and steel and aluminium machining in the broad sense of the word, all made to individual order on a relatively large scale.

Thanks to constant development and passion found in our profession, we can confidently claim to be the leaders of our industry. Many of the solutions we introduce, both in terms of product solutions and the processes themselves, are often followed by our competitors and become market standards.

We have mastered to perfection the art of combining stainless and painted steel with materials such as glass, wood or stone.

We provide a full service from design to installation. We treat each realisation individually. We operate throughout Poland and abroad.

Private clients, entrepreneurs as well as architects and interior designers are cordially invited to cooperate.

All the photos on our website are of our authorship and represent stairs, balustrades and steel structures realised by us.