Pracujemy zgodnie z PN-EN 1090 DVS SLV BERLIN-BRANDENBURG

Steel structures

We are authorized to manufacture steel structures in accordance with the PN-EN 1090 standard and to assign the “CE” mark in the execution class EXC-1, EXC-2, EXC-3.
Depending on the size and complexity of the project commissioned to us, its production takes place in our main plant in Macierzysz, where we have a 600m2 hall equipped with a crane, or in an external plant where we have 2500m2 available on a hall also equipped with a crane.

In addition to an appropriate transport system and a large production area, our advantage is a large production and assembly staff.
This allows us to produce quite large orders both in terms of the tonnage of steel structures and their range.

It is worth noting that our company has authorizations, employees and competences to make structures not only of carbon steel but also of acid-resistant steel and aluminum, which some companies are not capable of.

Design office

A very important advantage of our company is our own design office, where over a dozen engineers work with a whole range of CAD programs together with Autodesk’s Robot Structural Analysis program.
Thanks to a good team equipped with appropriate software, we are able to efficiently prepare workshop documentation based on the received detailed or construction designs and to ensure control over the orders being carried out.

Plant equipment

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the machinery section, where you will learn about our very extensive facilities.
It is also worth adding that the lifting capacity of each of our overhead cranes is 3.5 tons and that we can cut beams with a cross section of up to 600mm

Our experience

Among the projects we have completed you can find:

  • steel structures of various types of halls,
  • steel mezzanines from small, several hundred kilogram structures to several dozen-ton projects with an area of ​​several hundred square meters
  • footbridges, large-size stairs
  • steel roof structures (including e.g. a shopping center)

In the course of our activity, we have implemented various types of projects on the domestic market and for companies from Sweden and Norway.

Anti-corrosion and fire protection

Our steel structures are delivered in a wide range of anti-corrosion finishes.
The type and thickness of the final coating should be selected on the basis of an analysis of the corrosivity of the environment in which the structure will be installed.
Such an analysis is made on the basis of the PN-EN ISO 12944 standard.

The simplest and basic type of protection intended for structures not exposed to weather conditions is painting with anti-corrosion paints, preceded by blasting.
For structures exposed to medium and high aggressiveness of the environment, the best solution, both in terms of protection and economy, is hot-dip galvanizing according to PN-EN ISO 1461.
Steel structures protected by the hot-dip galvanizing process can be additionally covered with paint or varnish for the purposes of further improvement of corrosion protection or for aesthetics, creating the so-called duplex, i.e. enhanced anti-corrosion protection.
The process of varnishing galvanized products must be preceded by appropriate mechanical and chemical preparation of the zinc coating. It is worth remembering to get the maximum parameters of the coating.

Our offer also includes a fire painting service. We are able to provide up to 120 minutes of protection of the steel structure and the system we offer has many advantages over those commonly used, which can be read in the fire-resistant coating section.

Sample projects: