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One of the main profiles of GROT’s activity is the design, manufacture and installation of railings on the individual customer’s request. We carry out these orders for private and corporate clients.

In the galleries below, there are selected projects made for private clients. Railings (also known as handrails) made on housing estates can be found in the PRODUCTS FOR INVESTMENT section.

Many of our balustrades can also be viewed in the STAIRS section.


The most commonly used materials for the production of railings for individual customers are acid-resistant steels (colloquially called stainless steels or stainless steel) in grades 1.4301 (AISI304) for internal products and 1.4401 (AISI316) for products for external use.

Of course, we also use traditional carbon steel (commonly known as “black steel”) in grades S235 and S355, which we subject to appropriate finishing treatments that protect them against corrosive factors and enable their use.
These treatments include wet or powder coating, and in the case of external railings, also hot-dip galvanization.

We finish steel railings with wooden elements. These are both wooden handrails that make the most usable part of the structure more pleasant to touch, as well as wooden strips glued into the B3 series balustrade posts.

In the case of using glass, both if it is a railing filling and when it is a railing structure, we analyze the entire design and select its parameters to ensure maximum aesthetic and functional values, while not forgetting the user’s safety.