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Our company specialises in custom-made staircases. Unlike the manufacturers of system staircases, we create unique products with meticulous finish, stunning aesthetics and functionality, which make them the very centrepiece of any house or flat.

We guarantee full customer service for those who order our staircases, from design to manufacture and installation.

We’re happy to cooperate with architects and private customers who are just getting started on the construction of their home. It’s good to already start thinking about staircases at this point. We’ll help you to design them in a way that will guarantee maximum functionality and comfort, and, at your request, we’ll create a visualisation.

If you’re interested in our offer, please contact us.

Quick contact: 502 602 618

Choose a model from the list below to see its description and photos of the finished project.

Winder staircases

Spiral staircases

photo captions

Inga – central beam staircase

Stringer staircase – staircase with bearing beams in the form of straight notch boards or notch boards with a “tooth” pattern cut out

Iza – stairs on a “toothed” central beam

Zuzanna – monolithic steel staircase

Curved staircase – staircase with curved stringer sheets

Amelia – spiral staircase with a central pillar

Aleksandra – spiral staircase with glass steps in steel frames

Waleria – staircase with a central pillar and outer curved stringer sheet

Wanessa – luxury staircase with a spiral central pillar