Pracujemy zgodnie z PN-EN 1090 DVS SLV BERLIN-BRANDENBURG


We provide welding services from our own or entrusted material. We have extensive experience, qualified employees with authorisations and all the necessary equipment – equipment from Fronius, Kempi, Lincoln and professional assembly-welding tables and overhead cranes.

We weld using all methods:

  • MIG 131,
  • MAG 135,
  • TIG 141 (spark-free, gas-shielded electrode)
  • electric welding.

Welding is carried out in accordance with the PN/EN-1090 standard, we are authorised to perform structures in classes EXC-1, EXC-2 and EXC-3 and are therefore able to carry out almost any task for you.

In these classes, we weld not only steel but also aluminium.

We are authorised to mark our welded products with the CE mark.