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Fire varnishing

We offer fireproofing services for steel structures from 30 to 120 minutes.
We carry out the services in our factory and at the customer’s site – including construction sites, production facilities, etc.
We carry out the full process on request:
– substrate preparation
– priming
– the actual fire protection painting
– topcoat (colour matching)

Our basic fire protection system for steel structures is based on a highly innovative paint.
By using it we achieve several advantages:
+ no need for a primer paint – a well-prepared substrate is sufficient, in traditional systems a primer must be applied
+ no need for a topcoat – our paint is weather resistant, traditional systems need to be finished with a sealing coat
+ the coating is hard – it is more resistant during transport and installation, in traditional systems it is spongy and soft and can be easily damaged

We have new state-of-the-art equipment for every stage of the fireproof / fire-resistant coating process.

Substrate preparation.
Insofar as this is not carried out in your area, we can prepare it to the required grade by shot blasting or sandblasting.

Depending on the fire protection system you have chosen, it may be necessary to apply layers of primer paint to the previously prepared surface.
For this purpose, we have GRACO painting units as well as conventional pumps.

Fire protection painting / fire protection painting
Painting an appropriate layer of fireproof / fire-resistant paint is carried out with a special GRACO unit equipped with a paint heating system.

Thanks to the paint system we use, the coating we offer is characterised by high hardness, which is particularly useful for products you wish to paint before assembly.
It is worth mentioning, by the way, that if you choose this type of coating, there are no requirements for using primers or topcoats, just a well-prepared substrate.

Top coat
On request, we can apply a finishing topcoat. This is not necessary when using our system, unless the colour of the coating plays a role. The colour of the fireproof / fire-resistant paint we use and recommend is dark grey.

Test equipment
Our employees are equipped with all the necessary equipment to measure both the substrate, ambient conditions and the parameters of the paint layers themselves.