Pracujemy zgodnie z PN-EN 1090 DVS SLV BERLIN-BRANDENBURG

Production and assembly processes

The full range of services/processes we provide:

Welding processes and joining of components– welding MAG / 135
– TIG welding / 141
– electrode welding / 111
– welding
– stud welding
– stud welding
– riveting
– joining by means of blind rivet nut assembly
Cutting processes– cutting on a shearing machine
– laser cutting machine
– cutting on band saw – cutting on circular saw with high perpendicularity of cutting with automatic infeed of workpieces
– cutting of flat bars and angles on GEKA universal shears
Punching processes– drilling on radial drilling machines
– drilling on table-top drilling machines
– punching holes on hydraulic presses
– knocking out holes on GEKA universal shears – drilling of penetrations on pipes (e.g. railing posts) on a penetration machine
– drilling with magnet drilling machines
Bending, extrusion processes– bending on 220ton press brake, bending length 4240mm
– bending on hydraulic press
– bending of pipes and profiles on mandrel bender
– bending bars on mechanical bending machine
Machining processes– milling
– turning
Surface treatment processes– processing on an endless belt machine
– manual processing with angle grinders
– abrasive blasting by shot-blasting – abrasive blasting by sandblasting
Corrosion protection processes– wet painting with corrosion protection paints and topcoats
– powder coating
– hot-dip galvanizing (in cooperation)- fireproof painting
Woodworking processes– formatting, made-to-measure cutting
– bonding
– grinding (including on wide-format grinder)
– varnishing
– oiling